About The Image Crafters

About The Image Crafters

The Image Crafters, founded in February 2018, is an educational resource for commercial photographers.

The platform has articles, an educational newsletter, a community, and premium bundles and guides, all on commercial photography business topics like pricing, licensing, marketing, workflow, copyright and other legal considerations and much more.

The website and Community were created by longtime commercial photographer Jamie Piper, who saw a great need in the industry to create more transparency, more education, and more outreach to those just getting started, in order to improve the many problems plaguing the industry. 

Jamie has authored a variety of in-depth articles on topics like pricing, marketing, working with clients and others, that have helped over 200,000 photographers who have visited the blog. 

Highly passionate about licensing, Jamie encourages photographers to retain their copyrights, charge usage fees, and turn down rights-grab, work-for-hire agreements. 

She has also consulted and mentored thousands of photographers in her Facebook groups and offline. 

It is Jamie’s sincere wish that the Image Crafters platform, and this Community, make a positive difference for photographers and others who work in the industry. 

If the resources have helped you in some way, she would love to hear about it!